Hauserman Associates, Inc.
Engineering / Consulting

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CLIENTS  - Since 1996

Operadora Intergrupo, SAdeCV (Mexico)
Oil field environmental services.

Great Point Energy
(Cambridge, MA) A venture capital company.
Coal and biomass gasification.

CECON Group (Consultants – Multiple clients)

Coal-to-liquids. Gas reforming.

Carter-Day International (Minneapolis)
Manufacturer, grain processing equipment.

US Department of Energy
Hydrogen Program Peer Review Committee.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Vienna) and
Sri Lanka Ministry of Power

Development of Sri Lanka’s biomass energy resources.

Crown iron works, Inc. (Minneapolis)
Manufacturer of Oilseed processing equipment.

Arden Environmental Engineering (Minneapolis)
Water and sewage treatment.

Universita` di Messina (Italy) ,
Istituto della Trasformazione e Accumulo del'Energia

Development of fuel-cell-based energy systems.

AEC Engineering (Minneapolis)
General process engineering.

Mesosystems Technology (Albuquerque NM)
Compact fuel cell power systems.

United Power Association.  (MN)   Electric Utility

Minnesota Department of Public Service.

TSS Consultants (Sacramento, CA)

Pearson Bioenergy, Inc. (MI)
Thermal biomass-to-ethanol process development.

Bactee Systems
(Grand Forks, ND)
Biological air pollution cleanup