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Full drafting (AutoCad) and Power Point capabilities available.



Process calculations for presentation using "live" interactive flow sheets

  • “Reader friendly”  to introduce and describe your process, numerically and visually, in a single view.
  • Uses Excel Autoshape tool, with AutoCad or photographic inserts.
  • All process calculations automatically up-dated on flow sheet.
  • Created for any process – However Complex.
  • Non-interactive versions easily inserted in reports, brochures or Power Point presentations.

 The following examples are all Excel spreadsheets,  but  not "live."  (Some resolution lost by reducing size to fit this page.)

Example 1:  Excel spreadsheet, with full use of Autoshapes tool bar.
Grain/Bean Heater w/ Indirect Steam Heating.

Example 2: Well Water Treatment Plant

Example 3: Sewage Treatment Plant.

Example 4: Methane-to-high-purity-CO plant, w/o numerical values, showing AutoCad inserts for equipment items.

Example 5: Fisher-Tropsch synthesis  floswheet, with bumerical values from rest of spreadsheet.

Example 6:  Spreadsheet w/ simple use of AutoShapes tool bar.