Fuidized Bed Pyrolysis Furnace, for Recovery of Energy and  Products from Oil Field Wastes.  Process and mechanical design. 

Coal & Biomass Gasification Process for Methane Production.
Lab scale testing, feed evaluation, process optimization.

Fischer-Tropsch Reactor  for Coal-to-Liquids  Plant. 
Preliminary  process engineering, reactor design and  &  peripheral equipment specification. 

High Purity CO plant.  (Methane  reforming, DEA/MDEA, PSA  & cryogenic separations).    Preliminary Process Design.

Waste Tire Gasification / Pyrolysis, for Heat and Recovery.  Preliminary  processes design. 

Small Well Water and Sewage Treatment Plants. 
Design & specification.

Ethanol from Wood, via  Gasification and Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis.  Process analysis / certification. 

Compact  Methane Partial Oxidation,  for Feed to  Small, Mobile Fuel Cells.  Computer simulation and process optimization. 

Industrial Waste Wood  Gasification with Dual-Fuel Engines or molten carbonate fuel cells.  Feasibility  study and resource assessment for Minneapolis Metro area. 

National  Alternative Energy Assessment for Sri Lanka.
Feasibility  study, primarily for rice hull and wood gasification,  for gas engines  and industrial heat,  to replace imported fuel oil,  with equipment  specifications.

Peer Review Committee, US Department of Energy  -  Hydrogen Program.    Evaluation of  DOE-funded projects  for small-scale vehicular and distributed site use. 

Lignite for Charcoal Cooking Briquettes in Haiti. 
Experimental process development.

Hydrothermally  Enhanced Coal and Wood Fuel Slurries for boilers and Diesel Engines.  Experimental  and preliminary feasibility studies.

Pilot scale coal gasification project – (Sagging, Settling Bed , Pressurized)  Operation, equipment modification  and process reporting. 

Vegetable Oil Hydrgenation.    Pilot scale continuous, high rate  hydrogenation system.  Designed, built, operated.

Sodium Silicates. Plant engineering.
Designed, built, operated  high pressure dissolver for soluble silicate glass.

Solids Separation by Zigzag Air Clasifiers.  Component recovery from  municipal  and agricultural waste. Lab tests and system design.

Multi-level Steam System for Large Borax Plant.  Analyzed & made reccomendations for greatly increased efficiency.

Marine Loading Depot - Crude Oil and Products.  Piping design and equipment specification.



Novel Hammer Mill.  Complete design, from patent sketches, to shop drawings. Build and test  commercial prototype. 

Oilseed Extraction Equipment.
Fundamental process analyses of bean and grain dryer, solvent extraction & solvent recovery.

Micro-Channel Component Design. Preliminary configuration of reactors & heat exchangers. 

Hydrogen Separation Membranes. 
Selection & specification of components for compact fuel cell power systems.

Novel erosion-free valves for high pressure slurry processes.
Experimental  concepts and  methods for experimental evaluation.   

Super-Cyclone for Hot Gas Cleanup and Hydrogen  Concentration.
Concept development and preliminary  proof-of-concept experiments.

Non-Mechanical, Stirred Fluidized Bed Gasifier. 
Concept development and  minimal preliminary demonstration.

Variable Dual-Fuel Carburetor.   Conceived, built & tested.



Reaction Rates and  Catalyst  Effectiveness in Coal Gasification.
Developed experimental apparatus and methods.

Catalytic Gasification Process Parameters for Integration with Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells. Small lab-scale  apparatus and method, for testing bituminous coals, lignite and wood with various catalysts.

Hydrogen  Production from low Rank Coals  by Catalytic Gasification.    Pilot and bench scale demonstration.


Accelerated wear Simulation of Centrifugal Pump Rotors to Predict Erosion.     Experimental method.

Hardness of  Fine Granular Solids, for Abrasion Prediction.
Experimental method, to measure abrasive hardness on Mohs scale.

Coal and Coal Slurry Combustion  Simulation. 
Pilot scale unit  to  compare combustion rates emissions and boiler tube fouling 

Polycarbonate Plastics.    Laboratory testing of properties and safety evaluation for reactor windows.

Mechanical Properties of Crushed Coal.  Experimantal methods for shear strengrh, thermal and mechanical friability, correlated with modes of moisture bonding,

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Retire? Me?

 An engineering career feels like  an ever-expanding
exercise in unfinished business.  With every project, I
learn  a  little bit about a few more things that I want to
do  better.  Now with computers a part of everyday life,
I find I can, in a few hours or even minutes, do things
correctly and  accurately that once took me days or
even weeks to screw up.